“Where do you shower?”

asks Khadija. She’s the program director at Wind of Hope in the Arid, the HIV/AIDS community based organization I am currently with. I’m also living in her house. We were talking about insecurity, the displacement going on and the gunshots we heard this morning. But now we’re on to more important things.

“In fact I was wondering the same.” says Stella, the program nurse, “I never see you coming in or out.”

“I don’t shower,” I say. I haven’t since I came.”

“You’re a dirty boy,” says Khadija. She knows I’m lying… I hope

A hot shower is an hour in the sun away!

…which leads me to this edition of Bryce’s Guide. Want a hot shower? Got a water shortage? Inconsistent solar powered well? Here’s my solution:

2 one liter water bottles

1 “I Love Mexico” shirt

A water source

A place where the bottles won’t get stolen

Directions: Find empty water bottles. Clean said bottles. Fill with water (preferably non-salty water). Leave in the sun for 1 hour. Wrap in I Love Mexico Shirt. Keep until night, then shower away!

Following these simple steps ca ensure a clean heart and mind.  It can also lead to comments like, “But it’s good, because when there is no water, you can still bathe.”

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2 Responses to ““Where do you shower?””

  1. Aaron says:

    all that camping with the parents did pay off…

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